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Published Articles

  • Ten Steps to Ensure that the Vocational Rehabilitation Plan is Viable, NJA ADVOCATE, May/June 2021.

  • The Injured Traveling Employee,NJA ADVOCATE, March/April 2020.

  • When is an Employee within the Course and Scope of Employment?, NJA ADVOCATE, March/April 2019.

  • The Trial Lawyer Handshake, NJA ADVOCATE, March/April 2018.

  • Nevada Trial Lawyers Take the Fight to D.C. to Help Stop Another Attempt to Preempt State’s Rights to Erode the Seventh Amendment, NJA ADVOCATE, May/June 2017.

  • Ten Steps for a Successful Mediation, NJA ADVOCATE, March/April 2017.

  • A Checklist for Discovery in a Big Rig Truck Accident, NJA ADVOCATE, Sept./Oct. 2013.

  • Fighting Bully Tactics at the Time of Settlement, NJA ADVOCATE, Sept./Oct. 2012.

  • Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law. The People’s Law School, September, 2009.

  • PREEMPTION WARS: The Battle between the Consumer and the Medical Device Manufacturer. NJA ADVOCATE, September/October 2009.

  • DENY, DELAY, DEFEND: The 3D Claims Practice of Insurance Companies. NTLA ADVOCATE, September/October 2008.

  • I have a friend who… got an offer of settlement from the work comp insurance company. Is it fair? NTLA ADVOCATE, November/December 2007.

  • Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law. The People’s Law School, October 2007.

  • I have this friend who… got hurt on the job. NTLA ADVOCATE, September/October 2007.

  • Does Nevada Need a Rimes Type Hearing to Ensure the Made Whole Doctrine? NTLA ADVOCATE, September/October 2006.

  • A Nevada Trial Lawyer in Washington D.C. NTLA ADVOCATE, July/August 2006.

  • It’s Time to Start Representing Our Profession. NTLA ADVOCATE, January/February 2006.

  • 2004 ATLA Convention. NTLA ADVOCATE, September/October 2004.

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