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2022 Highlights

Mr. Santos was honored to receive the Champion for Life Award from the Nevada Right to Life organization for his work in opposing the efforts to bring assisted suicide to the State of Nevada. Mr. Santos received the award at the annual Right to Life Gala.

Featured Item 2022

Mr. Santos negotiated the largest benefit penalty in Nevada for one of his workers’ compensation clients. As a result of the recovery, Mr. Santos was invited to present a continuing legal education seminar on the benefit penalty process to members of the Nevada Justice Association.

Featured Item 2022

Mr. Santos was selected as a Litigator of the Year for Workers’ Compensation law in Nevada by the American Institute of Trial Lawyers. According to the organization, “An attorney who is selected as a Litigator of the Year possesses the knowledge, skill, experience and success of a seasoned litigator. Very few attorneys from each region will receive such recognition. In fact, less than .03% of attorneys will even be nominated. This recognition is given out yearly.”

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