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2009 Highlights

April 2009 – Reno, Nevada

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Herb has selected the Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON) as one of his charities to support. ACON is comprised of representatives from various autism advocacy organizations, agencies and professionals who serve Nevadans with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related Neurodevelopmental Disorders throughout our state.

The Autism Coalition of Nevada is focused in uniting all people affected by ASD, ASD Advocacy organizations, local and national political affiliates/Legislators, and the service providers in Nevada and all other states in the U.S. As part of creating more awareness, a limited edition print of Nevada artist Steven Saylor’s painting to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Governor’s Mansion was offered for sale. The painting features Nevada’s six living governors and a number of celebrities. Herb was the second person to purchase this print to support families with Autism and the Numbered 2 print is proudly displayed in his office waiting room.

September 2009 – Orlando, Florida

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Herb accompanied Reno Bighorn coaches Jay Humphries and Jason Glover to Orlando for the east coast Reno Bighorn open tryouts. Prior to the try-outs, Herb met with members of the Orlando Magic, including NBA star center, Dwight Howard, shown pictured with Herb.

Over 50 basketball players gave their best to make the Reno Bighorn team. The tryouts lasted two days and several players demonstrated potential to make the Reno D League team. Two players were selected to enter the D League draft and will await the draft in November.

October 2009 – Washington D.C.

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Herb traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Congressman Lee Terry, (Rep-NB) regarding several issues surrounding the proposed health care bill. While he was there, the 1900 page health care bill was submitted to Congress.

One of the issues related to the proposed legislation concerned the attempt to restrict a victim’s remedy in the legal system. Once again, attempts to cap the amount of damages suffered by a victim was hidden in the legislation. Herb voiced his concern that until you can cap how much a pain a person suffers, it is wrong to cap the damages they are entitled to receive by law.

In addition to meeting with Congressman Terry, Herb met with Congressman Heller (Rep-NV) and attended the Nevada breakfast and spoke with Senator Ensign (Rep-NV) and Senator Reid (Dem-NV). Congressman Heller took time to meet with Herb and pose with Herb’s daughter Hannah in front of the President Ronald Reagan statute in the Capitol.

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