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2004 Highlights

March 21, 2004; Washington D.C.

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Mr. Santos met with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Senator Mike Crapo, (R-Id) in Washington D.C. to review and discuss upcoming national legislation regarding the judicial system. Mr. Santos joined 12 other lawyers from across the United States to meet with the Senators to thank them for their support in protecting the legal system from unwarranted government intrusion sponsored by the insurance industry.

Mr. Santos was also appointed during the meeting as the Nevada chair of the ATLA Republican Trial Lawyers Caucus. The purpose of the caucus is to provide role models as Republican Trial Lawyers, to broaden the membership base of ATLA to include Republicans by informing them of ATLA membership services and Mission, to provide a support system of Republican lawyers to network, socialize, form professional relationships, and develop Republican leadership for ATLA, to provide fellowship and mentorship to newly-licensed Republican lawyers who embark on a career of trial law, to support financially and to recruit Republican candidates for political office at the federal and state level, and to uphold the honor and dignity of our profession.

July 7, 2004; Boston, Massachusetts

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Herb Santos, Jr. received the Weidemann and Wysocki Award at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Mr. Santos was nominated to receive the award from ATLA President David Casey. Mr. Casey presented the award to Mr. Santos who was accompanied by his wife, Kimberly.

The Weidemann and Wysocki Award recognizes ATLA members who have carried on the legacy of Fritz Weidemann and James Wysocki, who have demonstrated a deep commitment to the highest standards of the legal practice and who are passionately committed to the principles of the civil justice system and ATLA’s Mission.

October 21, 2004; Reno, Nevada

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Mr. Santos spoke to a group of judges from Colombia at the National Judicial College. Mr. Santos spoke to the group on the civil justice system. The group of judges included judges at all judicial levels [trial judges, appellate judges and supreme court judges] of the Colombian judicial system.

The two hour presentation included a question and answer forum between Mr. Santos and the judges. The judges traveled to the United States to learn more about the US legal system as their system is undergoing a significant transformation and has the US system as its model. This marked the seventh time Mr. Santos has provided a presentation to foreign judges at the National Judicial College. He has met with judges from Estonia, China, Nairobi, Russia, Croatia, and Kenya.

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