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A Masterclass in Workers’ Compensation: Featuring Herb Santos Jr.


Herb Santos Jr. recently headlined the “WC Completely Masterful Seminar” in Las Vegas. This event, a key part of the Richard A. Harris Series of Continuing Legal Education, showcased the intricate complexities of Workers’ Compensation cases.

On December 8, 2023, esteemed legal professionals gathered at the Durango Station to delve into an intensive day of learning and discussion, led by none other than Herb Santos Jr. of The Law Firm of Herb Santos Jr. With a program offering 6.5 hours of CLE credits, including an hour focused on ethics, attendees received invaluable insights from a leader in the field.

Herb Santos Jr. brought his considerable expertise and passion for justice to the seminar, imparting knowledge and strategies essential for any practitioner involved in Workers’ Compensation. His firm’s commitment to excellence and education was on full display as he navigated through the sessions, providing both seasoned and aspiring attorneys with a wealth of practical advice.

The seminar not only served as an educational cornerstone but also as a testament to Herb Santos Jr.’s dedication to the legal community. His contributions to the practice area are widely recognized, and his work continues to inspire those committed to serving justice.

For more details on the event and future seminars, or to learn more about the work of Herb Santos Jr., visit www.nevadajustice.org or reach out at 775-323-5200

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